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This is run by three best friends from LA that are love struck by the one and only ONE DIRECTION!

So here are some of our favorite things about 1D.
Don't forget to tell us yours!
Enjoy! xx
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cant see past my tears right now

SHIT. Died inside.


i…lost…all…ability…the feeling i have right now is… INDESCRIBABLE (someone please add that GIF of Louis- I beg of you)


i had to reblog this again. :’)

awww geez my Larry Heart. why cant they see they’re perfect for each other!! :’)

:( my creys. 

Here is your GIF.

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~ Sunday, May 13 ~

Our in detail Ed Sheeran Experience.

Lets start with tuesday (5-8-12) in Hollywood...shall we? 

So the day started off to rather annoying start. Katy had to take a train into L.A. and Tori and I had to take a bus to Hollywood…YAY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. We got to the Palladium in Hollywood at around 4 and proceeded to wait in line. There weren’t a lot of people in line, but it was still a decent number to make you a little apprehensive as to whether or not we’d be in the front row or not. We lined up around the corner, then at around 6 they let us into the parking lot to wait. After that, they let us queue up right before security checks and what not. At around 7, they opened the doors and started letting people in. The three of us made mad dashes for the stage. Sadly, we did not get front row, but we were in the second row, and it was still an amazing experience! First on was this band called Rousseau. They were pretty chill dudes, and the main singer is VERY attractive.

They finished their set and on came the holy ginger himself…Mr. Ed Sheeran.

Give Me Love, A-Team, the You Need Me (I Don’t Need You). I couldn’t ask for a better performance. He was flawless in every way, shape, and form. A true gift to see live. After his set the Ed Sheeran fans started to clear out and then I saw COLTON HAYNES from teen wolf coming down the stairs. He is very, very, very attractive.

We got a picture with him then decided we should probably line up to meet Ed on the left side balcony where he said he would be. We ran into Lucy (better known on tumblr as 1-dsecrets) and we hung out with her and her friends in line for a bit. I left at some point to go buy merch for Ed to sign while Tori and Katy waited in line. We waited and waited and waited until Snow Patrol was done with their set, then we see Ed! He was taking his time with fans and taking pictures and signing things so we got really excited. Only to be told about 15 minutes later that you could’t take individual pictures with Ed. It was a bummer, but we were going to try to take pictures anyway. We got him a lego set and everything. We thought that deserved at least a group picture. But nope. He said thank you for the legos and signed a ripped piece of the box for Tori, signed Katy’s home made shirt, and my bootleg CD and that was the end of our first Ed encounter. We left the Palladium only to run into the guys from Rousseau. The lead singer was absolutely pissed. Drunk off his rocker pissed. It was quite funny. We gave him hugs and walked away but he had to walk the same way. He walked right in front of us, stopped, then gave us all very drunken/wet kisses on both cheeks. It was absolutely hilarious. After that, we got picked up by Tori’s uncle and that was the end of our night. 

Now fast forward to the Ed/Snow Patrol concert on Thursday (5-10-12) In Pomona.

We were ready for this one! Katy had the car so no public transportation, we had our own personalized clothes and our second gift to him. 

Tori’s shirt: 

Alyssa’s shirt(me): 

Katy’s Shirt: 

Our gift to him (it took me 3 hours to paint on this shot glass. The dude better use it!):

Our card to him: 

So with all that with us, we went into this concert more prepared and determined to get individual pictures with Ed. We had two friends that were getting there really early to wait in line and save spots for us (Thanks Leanne and Alyssa!), so when we showed up, we were basically in the front of the line. Behind maybe 10 people total. We ended up making friends with 3 older ladies that are hard core snow patrol fans. One has been to 17 shows and has never not seen them from the front row. These three ladies are basically me, Tori, and Katy in the future. We got to talking to them, and formed an alliance. They really liked us (partially because we listened to their stories and sat with them at dinner) and partially because we were essentially the same people. There was this restaurant attached to the Fox theater in Pomona that you could go in, buy something, and gain early access into the venue.

We decided to do that and wait for them to open the doors. We had a game plan in mind. The three ladies we met were going to book it to the front of the stage and spread out and hold spots until we got there. Then slowly back up and make room for me, Tori, and Katy at the very front. They weren’t interested in being front row for Ed Sheeran and we weren’t interested in being front row for Snow Patrol so it was perfect. They would save the space and we’d switch places ensuring both parties would get to see their favorite of the night from the front row. It was perfect! Then we hit trouble. Apparently, if you bought tickets to the upper balcony, you couldn’t go down to the pit. We didn’t know that when we bought the tickets, or we wouldn’t have bought balcony in the first place. Once we realized this, Tori and I went to go talk to the will call booth about what we could work out for our tickets. She said that she could let us in 15 minutes after Snow Patrol starts and we were like “but we’re not here for Snow Patrol. We’re here for Ed”. I think thats what sold her. The fact that we weren’t interested in taking up space for the main event. Thats what justified it to her. She said to come back in 45 minutes when basically everyone has showed up, and we’ll try to work something out. We came back at 7:30 and waited in eye sight until 7:45 exactly before going up to talk to her again. She said to go to will call and have the guy Isaac look at her. We did this and she said “give these girls pit wristbands” IT WAS SHEER LUCK. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. SHE LET US IN. If not for her, our night would have been absolute crap. We went through the doors, down to the pit and weaved our way through the crowd until we found our three friends still holding our spots. We switched places, then the the holy ginger himself walked onstage. There we were front row toward the middle for the artist that inspires us the most.

It was absolutely amazing. Orgasmic even. haha…He started off with Give Me Love, then did A-Team, then he did Wayfaring Stranger, and ended with You Need Me (I Don’t Need You). Katy, Tori and I were front row singing every word to every song including You Need Me, and he noticed! He kept smiling and pointing at us. We almost died. When it came to the part of You Need Me when he says “They say i’m up and coming like I’m fucking in an elevator” I’m pretty sure he almost let us say it because we got really loud (basically shouting it) and he started chuckling in the middle of the line. It was too cute! So out of the sheer niceness of the ticket lady, and the 3 ladies we formed an alliance with, we had the best possible concert experience we could have had. After Ed performed, we switched places with the 3 ladies and headed to the back of the standing area to put our stuff down and spread out a bit. Then Snow Patrol came on. After the first concert, all of us kind of knew what to expect, but we had also grown to like Snow Patrol a lot more and were up  clapping/dancing/and singing along. It was really fun! We even shouted “You’re fit!” to the main singer and he called us sexy.

We noticed a line forming in the lobby and down into the theater to meet Ed, but we ignored it. I personally think its rude to leave in the middle of Snow Patrols set to line up and meet someone else. So we stayed and rocked out. After the concert, we went to go line up to meet Ed, and the security guard said it was blocked off and that no one else could get in line. So what did we do? We found the right person to complain to…the head security, and he set the record straight and opened the line back up. It was moving kind of fast and then we see the manager come around the corner to tell everyone you can’t take individual pictures again. At this point we were basically at the “fuck it. Yolo” mentality. We switched to the very back of the line in hopes that being the last people would mean individual pictures and what not. When we got close enough, we were able to talk to his manager. We explained that we were at the L.A. show and got him legos for that, and now we’re back with shirts and another gift for him. We basically persuaded him to let us take pictures with Ed. It was amazing. When it came to be my turn, I walked up to Ed and was like “we were at the tuesday show and got you legos. And now we’re back with another gift. I think you should open it now. Its pretty funny.” He opened it as was genuinely surprised and grateful. It was so cute! He was like “how did you do that? Thats awesome” so i explained to him that I got glass paint and free hand drew it. He gave us huge hugs, said thank you again then said some of the best words we’ve ever heard “By the way, I built your lego set in the car on the way here today”. We almost died! We asked him for individual pictures and he said sure but HE wanted to go into another room so fans outside looking through the glass doors wouldn’t be jealous. But of course we saw the looks on the girls faces outside as we were lead away to another room and they were jealous anyways. 


So after our pictures we walked out front to fan girl and what not only to find out he was following us out front. He came outside to teach a guy how to play “Little Bird” on the guitar! It was so cute! He also took pictures with other fans and what not. He’s such a nice guy, and really tries to do everything he can for his fans! He mentioned that he had to be up at 5 in the morning, so we said our goodbyes and let him leave. 

I could not have asked for a better night. The way we see it, the Fox Theater tried to bring us down, but we won.

Fox Theater: 0

Alyssa, Tori, and Katy: 50,000

As we kept saying these are the #goldenmoments that you’ll remember for the rest of your life! And now…ever since the concerts, Ed Sheeran has been on repeat non-stop for 5 days straight. 

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~ Friday, May 11 ~

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~ Wednesday, May 9 ~

Hey Guys

Sorry we haven’t been on in a while. We’ve been in ED SHEERAN mode lately. We went to his concert last night and it was AMAZING!!! And we’re going again tomorrow! We got to meet him and get autographs and hugs but no pictures :( hopefully we can do that tomorrow.

Anyways just wanted to let you know that we’re still alive and stuffs. I’ll be done with school next week and I’ll have more down time to do favorites. In the mean time, leave some of your favorites in the ask so that I’ll have stuff to do!

Lots of Love,

Katy xx

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harry imitating niall during their sydney show

is he holding a carrot?

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